A little bit about me

Maura FinnI was born in Wellington, New Zealand – a beautiful mountainous city considered to be the windiest in the world. Despite this rather extreme climate I spent the greater part of my childhood outside – racing on scooters and bikes, building tree forts, and frequently skinning my knees.

I had an imaginary friend called Leeny (who lived in the ceiling), a burning ambition to be a train conductor, and all sorts of wonderful pets. The most special of these was my cat Tulip, who my family discovered in our tulip patch when she was only a few hours old. We kept her in my dad’s slipper for the first few weeks of her life, and thanks to my mother’s round the clock feeding schedule, she survived, and lived with us until she was an old lady cat who had lost all her teeth.

Not surprisingly, I also loved books. My favourite authors included Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl, adventure stories by Williard Price, C.S. Lewis of course, and anyone else who could create a good mystery. I have many happy memories of lazing on the couch on a Friday after school, with a pile of new library books and an equally high stack of buttered toast.

Nowadays, I’m a proud but busy mum, who works in an office as well, so sadly there’s not quite as much time for lazing on the couch. But whenever I can catch a few moments in the bustle of daily life, I write stories for children.

And this makes me very happy.