Affirm Press Australia, August 2021

Babies at the Billabong. (ill. by Cate James)


“Cockatoo chicks going ‘gobble, gobble, yum!’. Little joey’s sliding with a ‘splish, splash, whee’! Green tree froglets dancing with a ‘rat-a-tat-tap’.”

A noisy romp with some of Australia’s most adorable baby animals.

Scholastic New Zealand, 2021

This is the Dog. (ill. by Nina Rycroft)


This is the dog with the snuffly snout, the half-crumpled ear, the fur that sticks out.

The story of a little pup’s big adventure as he seeks somewhere to call his home.

Affirm Press, Australia May 2020


“By the Billabong” (ill. by Cate James)

“The day was hot, and the day was long, so I went for a walk by the billabong to see what I could see.”

A wisdom of wombats… A passel of possums… A cluster of spiders… Who else might you meet on a trip to the billabong?

A charming cumulative rhyme featuring stunning Australian scenery and an introduction to collective nouns.

New format released, Scholastic NZ, May 2021
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, US & Canada December 2019

“Oh, So Many Kisses!” (padded board book)

There’s a kiss for every baby! This cuddly padded board book about all different types of kisses features all different types of families and adorable animals.

A shy kiss, a bold kiss.

A warm kiss, a cold kiss.

A kiss to make you better when you’ve landed on your knee.

Oh, so many kisses! What others can you see?

Scholastic New Zealand, April 2018


“Oh, So Many Kisses!” (ill. by Jenny Cooper)

A gentle rhyming text for younger readers.


(coming soon… )


New Frontier Australia, May 2016

Shortlisted for Speech Pathology Book of the Year 2017

(Available in English, Korean, and simplified Chinese.)

“My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree” (ill. by Aura Parker)

A fun rhyming story about a young boy and his wonderful imagination. With loads of silly humour, stunning illustrations, and a subtle message about sharing, this beautiful picture book will appeal to children of pre-school to primary school age.


“It’s yum, it’s fun, and it really sucks you in.”
– Haithum, age 10.

New Frontier Australia, June 2017

Shortlisted for Speech Pathology Book of the Year 2018

“Rose’s Red Boots” (ill. by Karen Erasmus)

“The little red boots went marching, marching, marching…”

One bright autumn morning, Rose and her cheeky companion Banjo, head off to fly their kite. A gentle rhyming story for preschoolers.


The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA), Reading Time.

Reviewed by Lisa Hoad

“Just as in Alfred Noyes’ narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’ Finn includes a repetitive refrain within her prose. Cleverly using the activity of Rose’s little red boots, Finn adds a wonderful rhythmical quality to the narrative.  As the little red boots are marching, crunching, chasing, splashing, climbing and dancing; young readers will find confidence in each repetitive chorus and be desperate to join in, both verbally and physically.

Recommended for early and pre-school readers, children will delight at the sight of this big square picture book with its eye catching cover art and meandering smudgy paw prints. Teachers and parents could easily use this beautifully written and illustrated text to inspire some poetic word play or as a prompt for some adventurous role playing activities whilst also discussing the title’s integral themes of explorative play, danger and friendship.

I just love the way that this title promotes the idea of free and imaginative play, as an independent and confident little Rose takes off on a journey of endless possibilities with only her dog and her fabulous red boots for company.”