Jelly Bean Bracelets – perfect for any occasion.

‘Thread on yellow and green, with some blue in between…’

I noticed a fair bit of excitement around these gorgeous accessories, so here’s a few tips for creating them.


What you need:

A sharp needle with a large eye for threading; a needle threader; stretchy beading thread (available from craft shops); and a large plate of different sized jelly beans!



Just select your colour sequence and get threading. Younger children will need a bit of help though, as it can be difficult to push the jelly beans off the needle, but they can take charge when choosing the colours.



  • Make sure all surfaces and your hands are completely dry – or things get very sticky.
  • Threading width wise is much easier when pushing the needle through.
  • Keep a slightly damp paper towel nearby to keep the needle clean.


Necklaces and headbands are popular too…